Thursday, January 24, 2013

Women in Combat

Okay, so I suppose most of you already heard the news by now that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will lift the ban on women in combat (opening approximately 237,000 positions to women across the services).  

I have heard a lot of opinions on it, so naturally I have to give my opinion.

I have no problem with it, and after reading some of the comments other men have made regarding it, I definitely agree with the decision.   
The arguments against it have been things like, 'You realize, if they are captured they will be gang-raped...(as if every man who is captured and tortured is any less horrific) ... or ... 'Women are weaker than men, so they will not be able to perform in that role.'  My opinion is yes, women do tend to be weaker than men physically, but that does not mean they will not be able to perform, they go through the same training as men, they train with weapons the same as men, so I see no reason they would not be able to perform their duties as well.   Besides, if they cannot perform their duties or carry out a given mission, they will be dismissed just like any man that cannot perform their duties.

So if all this is true, then what is the problem?   

I think, it goes back to the basics, men want to feel as though they are men, they don't want to have to compete with a woman, they want to rescue the woman, they feel as though they need to protect them from harm, and so therefore it will cause disruption and cost lives.   Perhaps, that is true, but change is always uncomfortable at first, but it's how we grow.   I am sure these conversations were the same when African Americans wanted to serve, they said it would disrupt the unit, and it did, but we got past it.    The same was likely said about women wanting to vote, 'they are too emotional and irrational, it will never work.' and now women decide elections.  

What it really comes down to is, women should have the same opportunity, as men do, to fight for their beliefs, and for the people they care about.