Friday, January 18, 2013

Blogging for You and Me

I have been blogging for at least a few years now, I remember sitting in a doctors office reading a magazine, and came across an article about blogging and thought it sounded very interesting, so I decided to give it a go. When I created my first blog, I wanted it to be about things I found interesting, personal adventures and experiences, photographs and just fill it with everything I loved... but after visiting a few 'how-to' sites I came across 'how to bring in more traffic' or 'how to make money blogging' and I got caught up in it all, and I found I hated it, I became obsessed with getting more traffic, that the whole reason I wanted a blog in the first place went out the door...and I quickly got bored and deleted it.  

A while later I decided to start again, this time promising I would avoid all of those sites and do it my way, and I did.  I started a blog which aimed to spread the word about organizations that helped others, in a hope to spread compassion.  It was something I very am about, and the blog lasted years, but slowly it began to seem more like I was reporting rather than sharing my own opinions and experiences and being involved in the process...and like the first it slowly died as I lost interest in reporting daily 'news'.

So at this point you are probably thinking... 'maybe you just don't enjoy blogging' right?  Well, not true, I look at this as a journey, and these 'mistakes' are not just my own, I have heard many well-intentioned bloggers say the same things.  The important thing is not to give up.  So, now here I am with a third blog.... you may be wondering how long this will last?  For as long as I can type.... I have decided to make this blog about everything I love, and hate.

Here are some random thoughts about blogging and some things I have been noticing seems as if the majority of blogs now days are either Photo blogs or art blogs trying to get their stuff viewed and sold (which I don't have a problem with) or 'how-to' type blogs trying to teach you how to make money with your blog or what to write about.  I am wondering if others have forgotten the purpose of Blogs...   I mean do a Google Search, in fact I will do it for you, CLICK HERE ... you will find sites offering to teach you how to blog, or make money or create an audience. 
While I don't have a problem with those things, I think people need to get back to the basics, sharing your own thoughts, not reporting, or trying to create an audience so they can click your Adsense.
Blog because you love to write, blog because you feel inspired or alone, happy or sad, because you want to share your interests, blog for you and for me so I can read your stuff and comment, but make it important to you, no matter what you do.  See ya next time!