Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Great Tips for a Better Night's Rest


I am so not a morning person, though I often wish I could be, I listen to friends talk about waking up early, going for a jog, or just waking up and feeling refreshed.
I don't know about you, but the first thing I do when I wake up is head for the coffee...  I have tried going to sleep earlier.. I still wake up tired, I go to bed late, I wake up tired, I sleep in... and guess what?  I wake up tired. 

So part of my 'unofficial' 2013 resolutions is to figure out how to get a better night's sleep and stick with it.
I recently did some research and found these tips... I am hoping to apply to my schedule.


1. Stick to a sleep schedule: Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends, holidays and days off. Being consistent reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle and helps promote better sleep at night.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink: Don't go to bed either hungry or stuffed. Your discomfort might keep you up. Also limit how much you drink before bed, to prevent disruptive middle-of-the-night trips to the toilet.

3. Create a bedtime ritual: Do the same things each night to tell your body it's time to wind down. This might include taking a warm bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music — preferably with the lights dimmed. Relaxing activities can promote better sleep by easing the transition between wakefulness and drowsiness.

4. Get comfortable: Create a room that's ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Consider using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.

#1 and #2 are a definite necessity for me... because I have no sleep schedule, I often have to force myself to go to sleep because I am a night person, and unfortunately all my best ideas, thoughts and inspirations always seem to arrive when I should be sleeping.  So that, I need to work on.

I got these tips over at so head over there if you need more info, as for me.. I will be trying to implement these tips into my schedule!