Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tips for Growing as an Artist

So here's a question for you...
Have you ever gone through your portfolio - Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Writing or any other medium and felt like throwing it all away because you just saw another artist's portfolio?
This happens to me so many times, but what does it do?  Well, you can get discouraged and feel like giving up, or hopefully, it causes you to get better and inspires you to create more.

The truth is there isn't an artist in the known universe that does not feel like that at times, or daily... it's how we grow, we need to keep working, even when we don't want to, to push ourselves to get better but how?

Here are some Tips....

1. Get Inspired - Browse Magazines, not just in your particular field either, you never know what image will flip that creative switch.  Browse artists blogs and Websites, browse Deviantart, Tumblr, Flickr and other sources. Listen to different styles of music.  Visit Museums and Galleries.
Immerse yourself in creativity... Take a shower in creativity.... Fill your soul with creativity.

2. Don't judge yourself to harshly - I know it seems impossible, but accept that someone will always seem more creative than you at some point, use it to fuel your own creativity and help you grow.

3. Get involved - Communicate with other artists, and share your experiences with each other. You will discover that others feel the same as you.

4. Keep your skills sharp -  I know, from personal experience with Photography, there is always more to learn, new gadgets, new techniques so keep practicing your craft.

5. Create often -  You can't be a part-time artist if you want to keep growing, you need to keep working daily.

I hope these simple tips will help you on your creative journey... hey, we are all in this together!