Monday, February 11, 2013

Being Moody... because I can!

Wow, last couple days I have been so moody!  Just a lot going on in and out of my head, I imagine quite a few people are going through these mood swings lately with all that is going on, and the weather here in New Jersey isn't helping much either.   I think I am finally ready for Summer to get here, I am tired of all this dreary-nasty weather.
So with that said, here is some things I have found quite amusing during my mood swings. :)

So rumor has it Beyonce Wants Ugly pics of herself from the Superbowl off the Internet....

I mean really?  You're a human you're going to have ugly moments... get over it.

...and why would people care anyway?  I mean have we never seen someone make a ugly face before... on purpose or otherwise?

The other day my Facebook wall exploded with posts about 'Pretty girls' making ugly faces... I suppose in response to the Beyonce thing?   Seriously?  This makes me wonder if eventually people will get plastic surgery to make themselves look ugly because it's the 'In' thing to do.... so confused.

I refer to my previous post about Technology... and I am more positive than ever that the internet and television is changing us slowly and turning our brains to mush.

So there you have it, my moody post.... feels good to rant occasionally. :)